The story so far…

I have been veggie since I was a teenager, and thought I was doing the right thing. I brought my children up veggie too. I went vegan overnight after watching a DVD (I think it was called “Making the Connection”). I have kicked myself ever since for not already knowing what I learned about the dairy and egg industries from that film.

Badger in his catering clothes, stood in his vegan kitchen, holding two product packages

The business started with the egg mayonnaise alternative, mainly because I got sick to death of hummous and quite missed egg mayo sandwiches! Nobody else was making this apart from me, then or now. I then realised that nobody was making coleslaw or potato salad either. (Well, people can make these at home, but who wants to do that all the time? Not me!)

We have now added “tunah mayo” and “coronation clicken” to the range, and they have become our best sellers almost overnight. They are the most expensive, as they are the most time consuming and hardest to make – but the results speak for themselves!

So now my mission is to veganise the everyday products that lots of us miss, they are also great transitional foods for people that want to go vegan, or omit dairy or cholesterol, but are finding that they miss these popular foods.

Badger's Philosophy

We are trying, in our own small way, to make the world more vegan friendly by making vegan versions of everyday products that we miss, and that you probably do too.

With no compromise on taste, but with health in mind, we work hard to make that a reality. We try to use the freshest ingredients in all our products, sourced as locally as possible.

Vegan sandwich filling tuna mayo alternative, on bread with salad in the background

We also make sure that there are no animal products used in any part of our production – we even go so far as to check that the inks and glue used in our packaging are vegan friendly.

Our packaging is biodegradable or recyclable, and we make a big effort to recycle or compost everything that goes though our vegan kitchens.

We hope you enjoy our products and will tell all your friends how much you have enjoyed them too.

No Badgers, or other animals, have been harmed in any of our endeavours.

We are proud to support these organisations...

Animal Welfare Party Water Aid Viva!

...and various Badger charities.